RCT Alumni featured in OSCAR winning Best Picture


So proud of one of our first students Jharrel Jerome, who made his feature film debut  in Barry Jenkins MOONLIGHT. The film won best picture at the Oscars in 2017, and we are very proud of Jharell, who has always been a "prince".

MTV - “Breakout Performances of 2016 - Jharrel Jerome ‘Moonlight’

There’s so much talent in Moonlight that it’s hard to single out who to watch. While the story keeps its eyes on Chiron, pay attention to first-time actor Jharrel Jerome. As Chiron’s high school friend, Kevin, a popular kid even more cowed by peer pressure than our isolated hero, Jerome wrestles with the trickiest character in the script. Kevin is at once loud and hollow, a warped alarm bell, but Jerome manages to make him empathetic, though his choices scar Chiron for life. He’s not even in the third act, but it — and really, the whole film — wouldn’t work without him.”-

AMY NICHOLSON MTV News 12/20/2016

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