Dave Lillie’s entire life was devoted to his family and friends,

along with the eternal belief that love and support

can make the difference in every child’s life.

He served as a professor at the University of

North Carolina for 32 years, where he specialized in

Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

Dave trained many of that state's special education teachers,

and was an ardent believer in the positive role

that behavioral science and state-supported education

can have in bettering people's lives.

Dave Lillie passed away in October of 2014,

but his love and passion lives on, not only with

his beloved wife Patricia and their 4 children

(Jane, Becky, Bruce and Jonathan)

but here in the Bronx with the creation of the Riverdale Children’s Theatre.

With this in mind, in 2015 we created the

David Lillie Professional Development Fund.

This fund was established to help RCT students and Alumni

to pursue professional careers in the Arts. In 2016, the fund is

helping prepare our college bound junior and seniors for

their upcoming theatre auditions

for colleges and universities across the country.


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