Thank you to the entire crew and all of the fantastic staff for your hard work in putting this breathtaking show together in less than five weeks. Every single cast member was truly amazing. The only thing that surpasses their wonderful performance is their inspiring commitment to kindness. So proud of Rena and to be part of RCT. 

                    Sharon Sturm

All my life, I have always been interested in the performing arts. I have always wanted to be a singer, a dancer, or an actor (or all three). In 2011, I finally got the chance to. I was informed about auditions for "Annie" and "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown", and I immediately decided to go. And I do not regret that decision at all! The Riverdale Children's Theatre has tought me a lot through the years. And they have helped me grow as a better actor and person. And I have made a lot of great friends at the same time. I am very grateful for the Riverdale Children's Theatre and all they have done for me, and everyone who has performed with them.

                Joshua Bautista

When Amara became a part of RCT little did she know that she would find a whole new family!. The education, attention to detail and instruction that Derek, Becky and the staff give to Amara is amazing. Not only has my daughter grown as a performer, she has gained a whole new set of life lessons for her future. Her self-confidence, her work ethic, her ability to work within a team are all better because of this fabulous organization. Thank you to Riverdale Children's Theatre for being such an important part of the community and a major force in my daughter's life. 

                   Beth Ann Barlow

Riverdale Children’s Theatre is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It has provided me with a fun way to meet people, doing something I enjoy and possibly wish to pursue, and something to put on my college application. While I will be leaving RCT after the 2015-2016 season, I'll remember every moment I've spent working with Becky, Derek, Crystal, Justina, Tiffany, Liz, Antonia, Eric, Anna, Alfa, and countless other people who have helped RCT roll along. I am very excited for the next season, and I am so proud of RCT for becoming such an amazing little theater company. On with the show!

                  Ben Markbreiter

I love Riverdale Children's Theatre because not only did it teach me "the broadway way of life," but it instilled in me values that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Becky and Derek taught me to appreciate what I have, and not take anything for granted. They taught me to be humble, and care for others even when it may not be so easy. RCT is a place for internal and external growth and for that I am truly grateful to everyone who makes this program possible. Go RCT! 

                 Sara Freidman

“I strongly believe (RCT) is the missing link in many educational institutions. RCT embraces the child transparently achieving their goals in developing the whole child. This has been evident with my daughter during her formulating, impressionable years. My daughter has flourished in this welcoming community which we have not witnessed with previous programs. My daughter continues to be a confident, charismatic, young lady since her joining RCT. During the pre-teens years when many parents are looking for the support of a program to partner with because of the challenges these children are facing,  we are so happy with our partnership with Becky and Derek and their professional staff. The encouragement, uplifting spirit they instill in my daughter is heart-warming. Olivia is such a better individual for having this access afforded to her. It is truly a pleasure and has been to date a great experience to be sharing my daughters growth with them. I must say that I haven't been able to figure out how they manage to have every child give 100% and feel a part of their family.”


             Doris & Robert

Your staff is amazing, every single one of you! The atmosphere at the camp, with all the different types of ages and kids should not work in normal circumstances, but you have managed to make the environment so accepting that they all seem to get along and support each other. THANK YOU for igniting a spark in my son’s heart, mind and soul, for showing him the pure joy of acting singing and performing, and most simply for encouraging him to enjoy being the young person he is. We cannot think of a more wonderful way of influencing a young person’s life. Many Thanks and blessings,

                            Tony and Marlene

My daughter, Christina's life has been forever changed for the better because of all the wonderful mentors they have helping her at RCT.  She’s surrounded by amazingly talented, compassionate artists who want to help her, help these kids be the best people they can be. Not the best performers, even though if that is something they want to pursue, but the best people. RCT teaches them about responsibility, respect, comradery, compassion, confidence and so much more. But they also have so much fun! My daughter now attends Professional Performing Arts High School for Musical Theatre,

and I truly believe RCT’s support and instruction was an essential part of that success. 

To sum up, all I can say is that Christina doesn't feel like she's going to rehearsal,  she's feels like she's going home.

Regina Jimenez

My daughter Kara was fortunate enough to be a member of Riverdale Children's Theater since the 2nd grade.  As she started her freshman year in a theater arts high school this September, we reminisced about the multitude of experiences with RCT that guided and supported her to this exciting stage of her life. RCT provides high-quality learning experiences in acting, dancing, singing and the elements of theater production. More importantly, RCT creates a sense of community and social / emotional wellness that builds children's confidence.  Kara and I credit Becky, Derek and the RCT family with the training that allowed her to audition for, and be accepted to, three performing arts high schools.  Thank you RCT!

                                                Christine McCourt Milton

Lucy looked forward to rehearsals and wished she could rehearse every day.

From our point of view, we are impressed by the consistently high level of performance because you set the bar high and the kids meet it; the nice kids who made Lucy feel welcome even though she didn't know anyone that well; the great quality from choreography to costumes to singing and everything in between; and the nice tech touches, such as the video at the top of the show. Sincere thanks and best wishes to you all,

        Sherry and Carol Kassel

"With Becky’s help and guidance, our daughter was accepted to both Laguardia and Professional Performing Arts School here in NY.

In fact, Becky’s genuine care and concern has had a huge impact on both of our daughters (Kristin and Kaitlyn) on and off stage”

    Ken and Bernadine Sheehan


"Becky makes theater with kids in that sweet spot where high standards and fun happily coexist. She has a gift for creating a caring community with a calm and respectful approach where all kinds of learning and terrific performances blossom. Our son, Noah, has had a great experience under her direction." 

        Joey Parnes & Ellen Tattelman

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