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RCT Announces 2016 Gypsy Award Winners!


With great pleasure, we announce that the Riverdale Children's Theatre will be honoring 17 very special young people this December for their commitment to excellence and the Riverdale Children’s Theatre.


At RCT, we believe that each show's success hinges on the commitment and dedication of each and every cast member. It's not easy to get your homework done, study for tests and rehearse for a production.  In recognition of all of their hard work and dedication, and for participating in 5 RCT seasonal productions since 2010, the following kids will be formally recognized at our Starry Night Gala December 3rd on the campus of the College of Mount Saint Vincent.


Mark Aguirre  Angelina Colon  Joseph Corso Travis Harley

Jonathan Heisler   Hannah Jetter  Lucy Kassel Ava Lapp  Rachel Littman

Ariela Lopez   Catriona Moriarty  John O’Connor  Kyra Pemberton

Temima Schwartz  Denni Schwartz  Shaina Semer 

Yehuda Siegal  Rena Sturm  Nala Torres 


      Since 1950, the Broadway community has practiced the tradition of presenting the gypsy robe on opening night to that production's chorus member with the most Broadway credits. The garment is considered magical and brings with it luck, tradition, and a sense of community. It is passed from show to show, and is named for the ensemble performers, or “gypsies.” These singers and dancers are the unsung heroes of the stage, and the robe is decorated with show mementos from each person who has received it.


    All of the above named performers will be receiving a custom designed RCT "Gypsy Hoodie" in a nod to the Broadway gypsy robe tradition. They will also be performing in a special musical number at the gala. We hope that the RCT “Gypsy Hoodie,” just small token of our appreciation for their being part of RCT in such a dedicated way, will become a treasured keepsake. Every year at the Starry Night Gala we honor our cast members who have reached this milestone in their RCT careers!


    This year we also pay tribute to special staff and volunteers who have made major contributions RCT’s mission: Music Director Shana Mahoney, Guest Artist Guy Ventoliere and Community Volunteer Kerry Timmons


    Senior Salute. Last year was the first year that a large group of RCT students were graduating from high school. We created a “senior salute” and invited many current and former students to come “take a bow” and perform a song together. The students participating in our senior salute this year are:

Connor Ausman,  Priscilla Blanco, Gabriella Chefitz, Lily Cohen, Deena Danishefsky, Hannah Davis, Olivia Gonzalez, Karissa Leonardo, Claire Mills,  Noah Parnes, Kristin Sheehan, Amram Zeitchik,

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