Auditioning for a theater production can be an exciting and emotional process for children (and for parents too!) Below we have outlined the process and compiled some tips to help guide you through the process! 



    When you arrive at the audition you will be asked to fill out a simple Audition Form.  Please make sure that all writing is legible and that we have your email address,  as this will be our main way of communicating.

    Each child will come in one at a time to sing a short song. They may sing accapella or with a CD accompaniment. Click on the above suggestions or they can choose a song that they love to sing! Try not to worry too much about how you sound - Remember the most important thing is to have fun! If you do not have a song prepared, we will help you come up with something you already know. 


After a group of children have sung we will call all of those children back into the room to learn a short dance combination. At this time some actors may be asked to return later in the week for a callback. 



     At callback auditions, the production team may ask certain actors to sing, read or dance again. Callbacks can be very stressful for kids.  If some kids aren’t invited to callbacks, they may think that they are not being considered for the show. This is not true. Many parts may have been cast after the initial audition and may not require a callback.  Also, remember that when you are asked to sing or read for a specific part, this does not guarantee that you will be cast in that part. 

We can’t wait to see you!



Thursday February 8th

Wizard of Oz

4:30 to 6:00pm - 2nd thru 8th grade


6:30pm (Sharp) - 8th thru 12th grade

Sunday February 11th

Wizard of Oz  

12:00 to 2:30pm - 2nd thru 8th grade


3:00pm (SHARP) - 8th thru 12th grade


Riverdale Jewish Center

3700 Independence Avenue

Bronx, NY 10463

When you fill out your audition form, please read all requirements CAREFULLY and  write or attach all conflicts you have in regards to the schedule and show dates.

We will rehearse

Sundays, Monday and Wednesdays beginning Sunday October 15th

Please note, dropping out after the cast list has been posted, regardless of the reasons, will jeopardize your involvement in future RCT productions and workshops 

IF you have never done a musical, please come prepared to sing something! A favorite song or even Happy Birthday is fine.

For students with previous RCT experience or have done shows at their school, Please try and choose 2 song selections for your audition. THEY ARE NOT THE FULL SONGS-you should sing what is indicated by "Start" and "Stop" and highlighted lyrics. Each performer should try and prepare 2 DIFFERENT SONG SELECTIONS

You will be considered for all the characters in the show, regardless of which songs you choose.


You do not have to memorize or rehearse the selections you aren't auditioning with- we just want you to have heard them and have some familiarity with them. This will benefit you in regards to other roles you for which you may be considered. You may be asked to sing other songs at your audition

P.O. Box 630210

Bronx, NY 10463

(646) 436-3045

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